Pokémon Twilight

08.04: Happening again


I've actually been sitting on this one for a while over some of the dialogue >.< This was done in brush pen, but I think I might actually go back to the inks. I think I get better drawings that way for some reason.

Hopefully I'll be able to crank out a few more pages before I go back to school...

Also, HI MOM since apparently you occasionally read this?

User Comments

Omg i love this sexy comic

omg yay!
I haven't had an internet connection for a week, and now that I have it back there's an update :) This chapter already looks like it'll be very interesting.

WHOO! Man, finally read the whole thing!

Took me a couple weeks because things kept getting in my way. But I gotta say, this is one of the better done Poke'mon comics on SmackJeeves.
Quite impressive to see how far your talent's come from the beginning.

Keep up the good work!

*goes back to listening to The Moody Blues' "I Know You're Out There Somewhere"*


Update this please! I really like this comic. It have been awhile.....


I hope life is going well for you, Ling. :) We're looking forward for this wonderful comic to continue!