Pokémon Twilight


Pokémon Twilight is an original story about two girls and their journey to become Pokémon Masters and find themselves. It is expected to run for... a very long time, considering that it consists of three very long story arcs, if not more, and also that my update schedule is really spastic.

The first arc, the current arc, consists of the early adventures of Rose Thyme and Gina Green, the main characters, along with their mentor, Kaia Attwater, as they travel Kanto, pick up badges, smack down some Team Rocket, and learn Important Life Lessons. The second planned arc will deal with Rose and Gina several years later as they accompany Rose's younger cousin and a couple others around Johto in the midst of a potential civil war. There might even be There will be a third arc set in Hoenn, although all I can say without spoiling basically everything that hasn't yet happened in the comic is that to say it that it's based "loosely" on the RSE generation would be generous.


The origin of this comic is a long, crazy, and generally bad story. Literally. As an eleven-year-old, I had just gotten my very own GameBoy and Poké Yellow. Being a creative sort, I decided that it would be really fun to write a story about a bunch of girls who went on a Pokémon adventure together and followed the storyline of the game. There were ten of them. Ten, I ask you.

Needless to say, it was really, really terrible, and I can't stand to look at it for more than ten seconds at a time these days without wincing or feeling a bit faint. However, I couldn't let it lie, and decided that I couldn't possibly stand to have something that heinous on my conscience without re-writing it. So I re-wrote. And re-wrote. And re-wrote some more. Until one day when I decided it would be easier and more workable as a comic... and here we are.


The comic has gone through a lot of phases of media used for making it. I currently make the pages by drawing them out on 150lb drawing paper, and then inking the lines with Higgins ink and a Speedball nib drawing pen. I then scan the pages into Photoshop, adjust the levels, and import it into Manga Studio, where I add tones, text, and word balloons.

In the past I've gone from doing all the pages in plain pencil (up through the middle of Chapter 5) to inking just the lines with a felt-tip pen (Chapter 5), to drawing lineart and toning it in Photoshop (Chapters 5 and 6) to doing the comic entirely digitally (Chapters 6 and 7).

Above all, this is a practice for my drawing skills, so I welcome any tips that visitors might have re: my artwork and making it better!