Pokémon Twilight



Run a race and I'll win it / Solve your problem in a minute / It's not a mystery why I'm a misfit

Once hailed as a pokémon training prodigy after winning the Indigo League Tournament at twelve, Kaia Attwater is now seventeen and mentoring two new trainers.

Kaia comes off as a bit stoic and awkward (especially around people her own age) but due to her intelligence and focus, may become one of the movers and shakers of her generation. Or die an early death from stress. It's difficult to tell at this point.

Fun Fact: Kaia has a dual citizenship with England.


We are girls with skinned knees / We are concrete and grace / We are not what you think / Can't put us in our place

Optimistic, cheerful Rose grew up obsessing over pokémon training while watching her parents work in the Pallet Pokémon Laboratory and is now determined to be The Best Ever. Well, we'll give her credit for the ambition, at least.

While she isn't the best strategist, Rose has certainly got heart and determination enough to ensure that she's going places. (Though we're not quite sure where.)

Fun Fact: Rose is actually a closet Digimon fan.


Honesty is / Stronger than your violence / Truth is braver / Even in my silence

Quiet Gina Green has had her fair share of personal trauma but seems to have dealt with it fairly well, though she is a bit quiet. A natural introvert, she is a little put off by Rose's out-there attitude while at the same time admiring it.

Not having planned to become a pokémon trainer, Gina isn't quite sure what her goals are, but figures she can work it by the textbook and from what she learned from her Gym Leader father for the time being.

Fun Fact: Gina is a blue belt in Songham Taekwondo.


Did it hurt you / These are scars you never show / She is a fire sign you know / One day you're near and then you go

Sae is a general idealist, and loves fair trade, social justice, and helping at animal and homeless shelters. Oh, and did we mention she's a member of Team Rocket?

No one's quite sure why Sae decided to join a criminal organization except maybe the Big Cheese (and Naelle), as she's mainly closemouthed about her background, but she seems to have her reasons. Whatever they may be. The de-facto leader of her trio.

Fun Fact: Sae's favorite off-duty hobby is reading books like Les Miséables and Crime and Punishment.


Backbeat the word was on the street / That the fire in your heart is out / I'm sure you've heard it all before / But you never really had a doubt / I don't believe that anybody feels / The way I do about you now

While Naelle seems like Sae's polar opposite, she is oddly one of the few people Sae trusts completely, and acts as a practical counter to Sae's idealism. She is generally the one to remind the team that they are, in fact, criminals, and that criminals do crime rather than philanthropy.

Like Sae, her exact reasons for joining Team Rocket remain shrouded in mystery--although it could be for the simple reason that it's interesting. She mainly seems to be in it for her own amusement, rather than any kind of gain.

Fun Fact: When not on-duty, Naelle enjoys going clubbing and taking college credit courses.

And I'll take what the dumpsters are giving / And I'll do my best to survive / 'Cause I still think that life's for the living / Yes I still think that life's for the living

Sae and Naelle picked Gavin up off the streets of Celadon City where he was living with a Charmander and no trainer's license; not much is known about where he came from or why he ended up there, but he maintains that it wasn't any better.

He's generally fairly easygoing and doesn't really like crime, but figures it's a living, like flipping burgers. He spends most of his time confused. By everything. Or running from things.

Fun Fact: He is the best cook out of all three of the team members.