Pokémon Twilight

02.00: Route 1-Viridian City

Chapter Two Notes

Least imaginative chapter title ever. *is brick'd*

This chapter (obviously) covers the Route 1-Viridian City area, and is mainly focused on Gina and shows the beginnings of why she's so unenthusiastic about the whole thing.

You also get to see what Pokémon they got (finally!) if you haven't already guessed from the chapter cover.

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oooo! :0 hey, did you get diamond/pearl? If not, get! >:3

Ah, I only have a GameBoy pocket, so I've only played up to Crystal. Alas, since I'm a poor student without a job, I can't get my hands on a DS... but once I can get a job, that's definitely on my list! (So exciting!) I can't wait to hear what people think of it.

*techno music* On the road to VIRIDIAN CIT-AY! (on the road, im on the way, im on the road) we're on the road to VIRIDIAN CIT-AY! That was always my favorite song on the pokemon.com jukebox. ^^
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