Pokémon Twilight

02.01: Aloof, much?

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WHA?! ENGLAND?! You know that Pokemon Kanto isn't actually Kanto Japan right? The Johto region is actually based off of Japan's Kanto region. And they're actually one connected landmass. Hoenn is an island but Kanto and Johto are connected to the same landmass as Orre. And Almia is a peninsula just south of where the map cut off in Sinnoh. And at the bottom right corner of the Almia map you can see part of Orre.

I'm pretty sure Pokemon doesn't have an England ^^;

@Jeshiideru: From what I've seen, canon is oddly contradictory in terms of the rest of the world. For example, the anime talks about South America at one point, and there are a couple other references to real-world places, while some of the manga never mention any outside world at all aside from the region it takes place in, and the geography is never really explained fully anywhere. For purposes of this comic, I'm, er, ad-libbing a little bit on some of those points.