Pokémon Twilight

02.14: Viridian City

There are approximately 4 pages left in this chapter, and I'm thinking of doing a reader questions special. Anyone want to ask the characters anything? ;)

Also, look out for a Sunday bonus page!

User Comments

Does Gina want to become a gym leader like her father?

Pewter City ho!

I like how you said the gym was too high of level instead of using the "It's Closed" excuse. That one gets old because it's used so much. (I guess it's not hard to see why because of the game and such, but still gets old.) Good job!

Question? Um . . . I'd guess I'd ask them both, if possible, what Pokemon they want to capture the most.


What Inspired you to draw such an awesome poke'mon Comic?


If you could be a cordinator would you? this is for gina. If you were strabded on an islnd would you eat ytour own foot? that is for rose.