Pokémon Twilight

02.16: Just a house

For those interested--as mentioned on the previous page in the comments, Gina attends a private girls' day school in Viridian City.

Incidentally, what Gina wears in the comic is her school uniform.

User Comments

School uniform? They're on a pokemon journey though, aren't they supposed to hack through tall grass, wade across shallow brooks, climb towering mountains, and stuff? o_O

Well, the general explanation was that it was in the original design when I dreamed this up something like seven years ago, but the "official" explanation is that she and her mum are somewhat pressed for money and it was sort of a rush decision for Gina to start pokémon training, so they didn't really have much time to get her some proper clothes before she set off. Which is me rationalizing my eleven-year-old mind, but I was kind of attached to the design. ;)

A nice explanation. It works.

Rosie indeed is very easily entertained. I know how that is.