Pokémon Twilight

02.17: What a day.

Note to self: if you want straight lines, don't try to draw while riding in a car.

Still accepting questions for the character Q&A extra after chapter two!

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Wait, what?

What Q&A thing? Did I miss something? I hate it when I miss something . . .

I'm running a reader questions special--I think you might have seen it already? It was a few pages back. The way I phrased it might have been different...

I already asked a question but, I have another one.

What's the secret to Kaia's success?

Aw, geez.

I looked back and I realized I completely forgot about the Question thing. I even ASKED a question. Gah! As much as I hate missing something, I hate forgettting about stuff even more!


i just got on and i didnt get the nickname of rosie's rattata could u tell me it? this comics great not like those other cheap pokemon comics like... oh sorry i cant remember one it right.

noah7302--thanks for both your comments (esp. for the artistic feedback)! As for Rose's rattata--it has yet to be revealed in the comic. It'll come up in chapter four.