Pokémon Twilight

02.19: Thanks.

Chapter Two: End.

And on that note, Chapter Two draws to a close. Thanks for sticking with me this far! This is the farthest I've ever gotten in doing a comic, so I'm fairly pleased about being able to keep up with this.

Chapter Three brings our heroines to Pewter City. In this chapter:
+ We'll meet two new recurring characters.
+ You'll see the first actual battle in this comic!
+ The girls take on the Pewter City Gym, with interesting results.
+ New pokémon are added to Rose and Gina's teams.

Incidentally, I've already started drawing Chapter Three, and it's looking pretty good so far.

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Almost missed this page. Not sure how I did but I did. Good thing I looked!

Congrats on finishing another chapter! Finishing chapters is fun!

:0 AFJDSAKLFA GASP! Are they all going to beat the gym leader?! Also, does this mean you're going to be drawing Brock or is it a new gym leader?! X3



I looove this comic~~<3