Pokémon Twilight

03.00: Pewter City

And thus begins Chapter Three: Pewter City. Cover features Sara and her Graveler, which I hope actually looks like one, as it's not a Pokémon I draw often.

In terms of the future, Chapter Four will deal with Mount Moon and the beginnings of a plot-like substance. The total number of chapters for this arc is between 13 and 16 plus an epilogue. That means the first arc will be finished somewhere between a little over a year and a litle over a year and a half.

Again, thanks for sticking with me for two chapters, here! The Ask-A-Character extra will be up on Sunday.

User Comments

Yeah, it looks like a Graveler to me. Anyway, yay! New chapter.


I can tell it's a Graveler. I've never attempted to draw one so I'd probably do a horrible job. Go you for doing so well!

I love that background. It's neat.

Hee hee, "plot-like substance." That's awesome . . .

That's the cutest Graveler ever!

hi agian

the gravelers good but u need to make the front arms a little longer they look like the magnites on a magnimite no offense <[^^]>


if u make a new gym leader could u name her lolo and have her be a ghost type leader with 2 gastley and a haunter????