Pokémon Twilight

03.09: New friends

I think I might have said on Sara's character profile that she's nine; I actually upped her age to eleven recently, so she started at eight.

This also seems a good time to mention that in about two weeks I'll be leaving on vacation and will be gone for two weeks; comics will continue on schedule (I'm 2 pages from having finished chapter 3). I'll also be drawing while I'm gone, so hopefully I'll have a lot of comics for you guys when I come back!

User Comments

"No fair."

Hee hee, awesome.

Have fun on vacation!


you're so lucky i wonder were shes goin. Plus this to everyone who reads this comic.If you look for strips every day ull probaly see only one strip. but if wait a few weeks and if u wait long enough you'll see more strips than u usallay do like 2 or 5. no offense to the author

Sara has a cute tshirt =D


According to the anime, the legal age for starting a Trainer Journey is 10, yet she started at eight...