Pokémon Twilight

03.19: That's the plan.

Chapter Three: End.

All right, so Chapter Three's over! Next up, the girls will be leaving Pewter City for Cerulean via the Mount Moon route. Things to look forward to in Chapter Four:

+ Team Rocket battle! (Yes, who saw that coming?)
+ A pokémon capture,
+ Another evolution,
+ A mysterious phone call,
+ A new character's introduction to the story and
+ 300% more plot.

So far as I have it planned out, the chapter looks like it'll be the longest one yet at 21 pages plus a cover. Whoa!

User Comments


Mt. Moon ho!

Still wonder about Gina . . .

if gina's scared i cant blame her if you had the kinda pokemon she has if u had a bulbasaur or squirtle u could kick some butt in there. but i hope one of her pokemon evolve soon

sorry if i did'nt see the auothors comment part where it said that a pokemon was going to evolve i was'nt looking there when i wrote my last comment