Pokémon Twilight

04.01: What was that?

Trying something new with the text, here--is it easy enough to read?

ETA: Sorry this is late--somehow I managed to get the dates from this comic out a day off and just noticed now.

User Comments

I had a little trouble with some of the text, actually.

I like the first panel though; I've heard of bird's-eye-view, but a zubat's-eye-view? Very cute.

Yeah, me too.

The text was a little hard. Not horrible or anything. I can still read it. Just not as legible as before.

But otherwise, nice page!

just read the archive, very well done! i'd say some of your art is a bit rough, bu it's very well drawn.

I'd probably switch back to anime ace if I were you... but that's just my opinion xp


I had some trouble, sure, but this was still impressive. I FINALLY GOT DIAMOND!!!!!


The font is very hard to read! don't do it again