Pokémon Twilight

Extra: Kaia and Thor

See you in two weeks!

Bonus arts! Kaia and her pikachu, Thor, who will be making a brief cameo in chapter 4.

Anyway, see you in two weeks, and make sure to check for extras on Sundays while I'm gone!

PS: Want a wallpaper? Win 1024x768 | Mac 1024x768

DOUBLE PS: Vye Brante of Just Gotta compiled this really great links list of other hand-drawn Pokémon comics! If you're looking for other great stuff to read, check it out!

User Comments

Hey, that's me!

Neat! Thanks for the comment about the links. It's great to help promote other people's comics. Thanks for joining in!

Anyway, cute pic! Look at Kaia and Thor . . . showin' some attitude. Always awesome!

Have fun on vacation!

Thor is the best Pikachu name ever!