Pokémon Twilight

04.17: Maybe later.

I have an inkling that if my characters were to be sorted into the Hogwarts houses that Gina would be a Slytherin of the non-evil variety. (Rose is a Gryffindor, Kaia's a Hufflepuff, in case you're interested.)

Also, upcoming chapter news: the next one will be a short "interlude" chapter of ten pages or less focusing mainly on Gina and Rose and answering among other things why Gina and Rose decided to become trainers and how Gina learned to break noses with her elbow. The proper chapter five will see the girls arrive in Cerulean City.

ETA: And somehow I managed to forget to shade in one of Naelle's gloves. Oops. I'll fix it later.

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HAHAHAHAHA. I want to learn to break noses with my elbow too. (:

Heh, nice.

I'd like to learn how to but . . . I'd probably abuse the power . . .

same here