Pokémon Twilight

04.25: A pretty good team

This chapter's winding down, so I'll give a few notes on what's up next. Next chapter is not a "real" chapter per se, but more of an interlude chapter with not so much action or passage of time, but a little character development for Gina and Rose.

After that, we begin chapter five (around mid-October), wherein the group will travel to Cerulean City, where they will:

+ Meet a friend of Kaia's
+ Stumble into the midst of a mysterious plot
+ Find adventure and danger
+ And see some familiar faces.

And more! Thanks for sticking with this odd, rambling project so far.

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So long, Team Rocket!

We'll miss you! To an extent!

Dream team!
Yay for stuff and things. And hints! I can't wait. X3