Pokémon Twilight

Interlude I: 05

I don't think anyone here would have any trouble naming that tune, right?

Gina's not sure about a lot of things, really.

Incidentally, we've passed page #100 in the archives! How about that, huh? (Incidentally, the only other comic I've done that's made any progress only got to page 20.)

Anyway, I'm going to take this moment to announce the existence of another project that I'm working on that you may find of interest:

It's also a pokémon comic, though completely unrelated to PT, and it'll (hopefully) be updating T/Th.

Edit: Oh, and I made a sort of new layout. What say you, friends?

User Comments

I like it.

The new layout looks nice. I approve.

Heh, count on Rose to quote a theme song to answer a question. Is it a theme song to them though? Hm . . .

I love the new layout. It's looking spiffy and that panel should be an icon. (:

I faved Rival a few days ago. Don't push too hard. (:

rival is so good and i luv the new layout to!