Pokémon Twilight

Halloween Cosplay #1

Every Sunday for the rest of the month I'll be posting a special Halloween dress-up special, hopefully incorporating nearly all the characters that have been in the comic so far.

This week we have the Team Rocket trio as Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. Naelle as Azula, Sae as Jet, and Gavin as Zuko. Did I mention that Avatar is the best thing ever? It is. Seriously. If only it weren't in the last season...

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It is?!!

Avatar is in the last season?! What happened to book four?!!

So Naelle is Azula as Suki. Nice. Great pic!

I'd only heard there would be three seasons... But if there's a book four, that's awesome :D :D

i agree again

Don't worry, guys!

The creators said that they would continue to explore the Avatar universe! After this season will be a whole new story arc, with new characters, etc.


I don't know... I think if they can finish it well, I'd rather that than a series continued only for the sake of the merch and fans.... I love Avatar very much, and I'd hate to see it become like Digimon.


OMG, this is so cool!!! O3O I'm a big avatar fan...

As well as Sailor Moon. LOL