Pokémon Twilight

Extra: Reaching Out

A little glimpse of how Gavin got into Team Rocket at age thirteen. He's actually only been in the organization about six months, after being picked up by Sae and Naelle when he was living on the streets in Celadon City. Sae, being her (mostly) do-gooding self, thought that the kid had potential and decided to give him a chance. I might say here that while Naelle is the most efficient member of the team, Sae is probably actually the most dangerous, just because she believes.

Also, it's worthwhile to note that Team Rocket members don't always wear their uniforms when they're out and about. You'll see a bit more of that coming up.

User Comments

Nice; I like the rain effect.

I should comment on this comic more, since I really enjoy it. It's fun to read ^_^

just to say i got this part of the comic confused with your rival comic because you used the same art or something.