Pokémon Twilight

DLD - Born to fly


Guys, I've got a chem midterm on Monday and about a bajillion things due... so next comic will be on Tuesday. Instead, here's a "Dead Ling Day" a la the "Dead Piro Days" from Megatokyo. I really like how this came out (even though it is on notebook paper)--it's close to the quality that I'd like the comic to be in regularly.

On the upside, I have two ten-hour car rides coming up in about a week, so guess what I'll be doing~!

Also, this is up late because I dated it for the wrong day. This is what happens when I'm up at one in the morning.

User Comments

No worries!

School can be tough. Study, study, study! Then you can get a good job and stuff. And hopefully you won't be as clueless about your future as I am.

Anyway, nice pic! I like the wings!

Nice! I like it!

We all have those days. I try to get everything done that I can...

You can draw when you're in a car? I've tried that before and I SUCK! at that kind of stuff. That's why I never get anything done. At least, not as much as I want to have done.