Pokémon Twilight

05.19: If it's all the same to you

Can I say I love that last panel? I do, I do.

If anyone hasn't caught on, that's the bridge between Cerulean City and Route 25/26--there's another one for driving up to the cape, but this is a walking bridge. Cerulean City can be seen on the other side.

The Pokégear that Gina has is actually Kaia's. I forgot to reference that she gave it to them before she unceremoniously shoved them out the door, but, yeah. That's where it's from.

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yay butterfree!!

Sweet! The bridges in the games are never bustling with people! Yay for different-ness!

Oh... did he get in a chair by falling off a Rapidash? Cos if he did i'll get miffed, cos that what happened to my character...