Pokémon Twilight

05.29: The dust clears...

Some unrelated notes:

1. I know several people who are involved in Pokémon-related hand-drawn comics occasionally read this comic--would any of you be interested in starting a banner rotation? I am willing to set it up and host it on my own webspace, if anyone thinks it might be a good idea.

2. One of my favorite web comics ever, Get Medieval! is coming to an end in a little less than two weeks after nearly 1200 strips and several years of unfailing daily updates. That's not something any humble webcomic author can accomplish, so I'm reccing. (PG-13, FYI.)

And now some related notes:

1. I'm thinking maybe there's about five or six pages left in this chapter. Reminder: there will be a brief interlude (shorter than the last one, most def) and then full steam ahead for Chapter Six.

2. I'm thinking about doing a contest of some sort, but I haven't worked out the details yet. Keep watching for news on that.

User Comments

I want to . . .

I'd like to swap banners and stuff and have more or less had offers for affiliates. I just don't know how we'd do them with Smack Jeeves and such. So you'd have to assist me in my own cluelessness.

Last panel makes me worry/want to know what happens next. Oh dear!

Well on my comic, I added a page called "other great Pokemon webcomics" and you're already up there, Ling.

But if you want to affliate me, you have my permission.