Pokémon Twilight

Interlude II: 03

Anyone who can spot the reference in this page gets a gold star!

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I don't know...but can I have a bronze circle anyway?

Uh . . .

Are you referencing how in the game the roads were closed so you couldn't get into Saffron City?

@Vye: Well, I guess there's a number of references in this page--I guess I should have been more specific. That's one of them, though.

Is Kimura the last name of somebody we know? I'm too lazy to look it up.


Not picking up on any other references. No gold star for me, I guess.

Eh, it's my fault. I wasn't clear enough.

Like nearly two years later, but do I see Death Note references? >.>

@Kelpy: alsdkjflaksdfjasd YES, ABSOLUTELY. I was hoping someone would notice Takada in the first frame. :D