Pokémon Twilight

Interlude II: 05

This page will be removed later and replaced with the real one. If you're seeing this message, I'm apparently not done toning it yet. (At this point it is all inked; I just have yet to scan it.)

Small Death Note joke here; in the last chapter, Kaia's outfit made her remind me a lot of L in a strange sort of funny way.

Edit: The filler page will be added to the extras page when I get around to putting that up. Here's the real one, and the end of the interlude.

I apologize for being so cryptic; I'm trying to go for a slow reveal. I can guarantee there'll be more answers coming up in the next chapters about various things. In the meantime, you might want to speculate as to why Sae and Naelle are so worried about this guy showing up... (And, for that matter, where they've met before.)

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