Pokémon Twilight

06.01: Devious Plan

Ouch, Gina.

This page brought to you by my *new* Copic Multiliners that came in the mail today~! I was really excited to try them out on this page, and I think it turned out pretty nicely. I liked being able to have a wide range of line thicknesses.

User Comments

I really like the 3rd panel.

Did . . .

She lose at Cerulean? And was that "off screen?"

Yay for plans!

Stealing your thunder...

..And giving you a comment. :3

Because of your comic, I now have my own one, and it's good and stuff. x]

Well, I've only manged to put the cover up so far, but that still counts, right? :D

Hahahaha.....okay...Rose's demonic laughter is creepy...

@ Tyto Alba: Thanks for the note on the hand--as getting concrit is mainly the point of me doing this, it's good for me to hear stuff like that. I do tend to draw thumbs a little weird, I guess. I should pay more attention :)

@ Zehkiel-Grim: Hey, cool! I'm glad to be a source of inspiration. I'll be watching to see where your comic goes.