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06.04: Her gym?

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Long page is long.

Amelia and Marco are kind of a funny pair; in the original, original draft of this story the two of them were always together. Amelia was already a tomboy and the loud one, while Mara (Marco's previous incarnation) was a bit quieter--though the two of them still managed plenty of shenanigans. Along the way in redeveloping them, Marco sort of turned into a Silent Bob character while Amelia retained her outgoing personality.

Okay, here's the deal, guys:
I could keep this up before, but I can't keep this up now. It's a lot more time-consuming to draw/ink/tone than it is to sketch out a bunch of pencil pages, and I'm increasingly busy. Thus, I'm moving down to two days a week (Tues/Thurs) in order to keep myself sane. Sorry, but it's got to happen--school always comes first.

I will, however, try to make up for it with more extra material, and try to step it back up as soon as my workload eases up (though it may be as late as summer).

User Comments

That's okay.

It's okay if you have to cut down on updates. At least it is with me. It happens.

And her gym, huh? Hm. Does she mean she is part of the Cerulean Gym or another one or has her own . . . We'll just have to see!

With me, I have a couple big reports to do, so I've have to cut one of my comic's updates to once a week. I know how it is.

Did she say HER gym?!?!?

Gym goodness

I wanna see what happens at the gym!! x]

I'm so impatient... x3