Pokémon Twilight

06.10: The PLAN!

You know, I never really used any moves that weren't damaging moves when I started playing pokémon--I just leveled my reliables up extremely high so I could take out pretty much anything in a couple hits. But as I keep playing I find myself using stat-changing moves more... that's kind of what Rose is starting to learn as the story goes on. A little less blunt instrument, a little more strategy.

User Comments

I was the same when I started. But now I've seen the benefits of moves like Double Team.


I'm still all for attacking. The only stat move I use right now, (that I can think of at the top of my head at least,) is Charge. I do use recovery moves like Synthesis and Recover, but other than that I just attack.

Looks like I haven't learned the lesson yet.

Well, truth be told I think stat moves would be more useful in a real-life context rather than in a game, where everything is decided by numbers.

I always use attacks. Although I do take advantage of moves like sleep powder and sunny day.

Heh, a current combo of mine is Agility with my Girafarig, then Baton Pass to Gastrodon, Steelix, or Torterra i.e. a slow Pokemon.