Pokémon Twilight

06.16: ?

Mucking about with style again, don't mind me.

Finally, managed to get a page up ahead of time, what? I've been having trouble with that--probably because I haven't actually scripted most of this chapter or thumbnailed any of the pages. Which I should probably do pretty soon...

Speaking of scripts, I'd like to give a plug for Script Frenzy, which has introduced a graphic novel/comic script option for its second year. If you like to write, I'd suggest checking it out--NaNo and SF are super fun and have great, supportive communities for writers. Starts on April 1, but there's still time to get in!

PS: You should all get a Tegaki E and tell your friends to get them too. Here's mine.

User Comments

Hm. This should be pretty easy for Gina.

Should be, yeah.

We'll see if Surge has any tricks up his sleeve.

Well, let's just say he has a few surprises for her. After all, it should be a little challenging to get a badge, even with a type advantage, amirite?