Pokémon Twilight

06.17: Not as planned!

The thing about Pikachu is that they are really fast. So, er, that third panel is supposed to be Agility, which you may or may not have been able to figure out.

I tried to come up with something funny for April Fools', but I'm really not very good at that, sorry. (Although I was slightly amused by the Mudkipz on deviantArt today. Lawl.)

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The Mudkips threw me off for a second. Interesting.

Where'd it go?!?! 0.o

*Finishes reading Archives*

Wow that's a lot of comics!

Damn that Pikachu's fast! Wheritgon? It's a shame they can't attack, because Gina's face in panel 1 looks so determined! Bless her. And Sandslash looks more than a little ticked off in panel 4 :)

*cheers her on* you can do it! >D

the mudkips were hilarious. XD i enjoyed that prank