Pokémon Twilight

Extra: Matching Game

I'm out of town this weekend, and I thought I'd whip up something special--a matching game! Use what you know about the characters to match them up with them as 5-7 year-olds. I'll post the answers with the next comic. (There's at least one that you should be able to get... some of them are tricky, though.)


I'm writing a fanfic that I'll be posting at Serebii, in case anyone wants to check it out. The first installment has been posted and I'm looking to get the second one up sometime next week.

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I think:
Kaia = 10
Rose = 9
Gina = 6
Gavin = 11
Marco = 3
Amelia = 8?
Can't see any other matches.. Never mind, eh?

I think I just became your hundredth fan! Because it said 99 fans and then I favourited :)

Hmm... I think I've got Marco, Gavin, Gina, and Kaia.

And congrats on the 100 fans! I wish my comic had that many...

AWESOME FAN FIC! Seems quite original, and very interesting. Can't wait for Chapter 2!