Pokémon Twilight

06.27: Excuse me

Okay guys, official update days are now Thursdays and Sundays. Sorry about all the changes—Tuesday just really doesn't work with my schedule this quarter.

Kaia is, like she said, really bad with kids. She was kind of a weird one herself, she she doesn't quite get normal ones. Then again, she's really bad at socializing in general.

My favorite page in the chapter is next page :D

Edit: Also, in case you haven't noticed, I re-designed the site! The banner now has both Rose and Gina's fully-evolved starters, plus them in their new outfits for the upcoming Chapter 7.

Speaking of Chapter 7... I'm expecting this chapter to run for about 40 pages—and since we're on page 27 right now, that's about 13 pages more. I'm also hoping to increase updates in the near future.

Chapter Seven will take the group a really long way—all the way through Lavender Town and to Celadon City, where the first part of a multi-part adventure will begin...

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Squee! You're so good at site-designs, Ling!