Pokémon Twilight

06.29: Victory is boring

Hey guys, not dead!

Basically, while Kaia's off having "me time" and Amelia and Gina are having their talk, Rose doesn't have much to do and Marco's stuck with babysitting duty, since Gina and Amelia probably want privacy. This page might seem a little out of left field—but Rose has her reasoning, which you'll see next page. (Poor Marco.)

Laaaaaate again, but this weekend was a concert weekend—plus, I wanted to get better quality on this page than usual. I think it turned out in a way that I can be pretty happy with. :)

User Comments

Ha ha . . .

That's awesome. Talk about right to the point.

Rose reminded me of Lucy from the Peanuts right then. Especially the eyes. And Marco was Schroeder. ^^