Pokémon Twilight

06.37: Don't worry, be happy

And now after pages of angst, we're finally getting at the heart of the matter.

Outside estimate is twelve more pages in the chapter, inside estimate is eight-ish, which means we've still got a couple weeks to go, though this is winding down. I'm guessing Ch. 7 isn't going to be as long, mainly because it's the first part of a storyline that's split over one or two chapters.

I'm really excited about chapter seven—it's where the story actually starts to get good. The first six are a little light on the planning side and are more heavily based on the original concept for the story, which was written close to a decade ago. The second half is a lot more interesting. (Although I'm really looking forward to the epic win that is the Johto arc, so I'd better get drawing!)

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Yeah, be happy!

Just let yourself! Do it now! Or else!

. . . Wait . . .

Heh, but some very nice character development going on. Nicely done.