Pokémon Twilight

Extra: Sae and Naelle

A little about our TR friends

I think I mentioned before that I made Sae and Naelle up on the spot—I needed a couple Team Rocket members for chapter four, and they were who I ended up with. However, I ended up liking them so much that they got a much bigger role than I ever planned for.

I think I might have said earlier when I didn't have their backgrounds entirely solid that Naelle was 18 and Sae was 16; I changed my mind a little. Naelle is actually 19 and Sae is 18—which makes them both older than Kaia, although Sae only went to the League Tournament after Kaia had left on her three-year hiatus, and Naelle never competed at all.

Both of them, incidentally, knew each other before joining Team Rocket and joined up together.

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Nice pic!

I relaly like the shine in their hair . . . for whatever reason.