Pokémon Twilight

06.53: Not exactly

I tried putting this together in Comic Life, but I guess the page is too wide? I'll have to fix that, but I like not having to do the paneling >.<

The first two panels probably aren't clear, but Gina's realizing that other people are watching her act really excited, and hastily goes back into her usual character. She's a lot like Amu from Shugo Chara!, in a way.

Incidentally, Gina gets her acid tongue from her mother.

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A slight style change, it seems to me. Mostly the eyes. Maybe I'm just imagining it. But I like it.

Ha ha, yay for acting in character!

Ohhh... she used Bide... Wait, does Sandslash even learn Bide? *runs to Serebii*

@Vye: Yeah, I'm playing around with styles again. This page I was going for a more "shoujo" look to the eyes/faces, haha.

@Joshua: It's learnable by TM :) So, yeah, that's what the light show was all about.

you left out a "k" in "certaintly too(k) me by suprise"