Pokémon Twilight

06.57: Go for it, man!

Whoa, more comics?! Apparently we're in an alternate universe where I update this comic or something.

This is Amelia and Marco's exit stage left for now, although they'll be back at a later date for more fun times.

The Grand Plan (read: my thumbnails sheet) says that there's eight pages left in this chapter, and then we're moving on. At the usual rate I'd say that would be like three months from now, but I'm kind of on fire right now, I guess, so I might manage it before the end of the month! Fancy that!

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These things are so so addicting !!!

I stayed up half the night reading to 6.57 {my parents wouldve keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeled me cause i'm only 10.

Who are you?

How old are you & are you a boy or a girl? And how in the world did you get a contract with the Pokemon Company!?!? I need help Dude/Dudet!!!!!! I'll be checking back here every day. WOW!!! You must be famous at your school!! Luv your comics!! P.S. I'm a boy,so don't get any wrong ideas O.K. ???