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SPECIAL: Tutorials I Have Known And Loved

I haven't had much time this week and haven't been able to get more pages out, alas. So I'm putting up a little special thing to have something around.

I'd been looking at some of my old artwork recently and was struck by how much it's changed over time. The oldest drawings I have on record are generally from around the time I got my scanner (six years ago)—such as the one in the upper left corner, which was drawn with a mouse based on a drawing I scanned in. The drawing at the lower right was drawn about an hour ago.

I've taken a lot of art classes and worked to improve on my own, but some of the things that have helped me most are internet tutorials. So, because sharing is caring, I thought I'd post a selection of my favorite drawing tutorials!

NOTE: Some of these contain some artistic nudity for the sake of showing how to draw human anatomy and therefore may not be safe for work (marked with asterisks). Just, you know, FYI.

*Alexds1's tutorials
Incredibly useful—she's a really good artist and has a lot of good tips on a wide variety of subjects—feet, anatomy, expressions, you name it.

Sai's Manga Tuts
Taught me that people do indeed have ankles and wrists. Obviously, has a bent toward manga-style artists.

*Cedarseed's Tutorials
Many, many tutorials and resources—she ran a very good series on the features of different types of people from around the world. Also, guides to drawing animals!

Deji's Tutorials
A small but good selection of useful tips and tricks for drawing.

Makani's Faces Tutorial
Good advice for drawing distinct faces.

Tealin's How To Draw
Chances are if you've been in Harry Potter fandom (or Discworld) you've seen some of Tealin's art. She now works as an animator for Disney, which is no small potatoes. This is a very old tutorial from some years ago, but still contains a lot of good tips.

Speedpainting Tutorial
A bit different—it's mainly digital painting tips rather than drawing per se—but some of the concepts have helped me draw backgrounds better. There's also a set of photoshop brushes for download that are really nice, too.