Pokémon Twilight

07.10: Close yet?

And now for something completely different!

If you've never been in a university library, this is pretty much what one looks like. This is the periodicals room, where newspapers and journals are kept.

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FIRST (besides author.)

does the girl in the back know that the other one is part of team rocket? are they in the tower (no wait that can't be right.) do team rockets have to be lawyers?

team rocket:TEAM ROCKET-

@DragonhandX: Team Rocket here is a rather disparate and diverse society of criminally-minded individuals, from outcasts to failed trainers to career criminals to white collar workers trying to expand their income on the side to people the connections it affords them for their own purposes. Most of them have separate lives and goals outside the organization—Naelle has some career goals outside Team Rocket of her own, although what they are exactly is her own secret.

Naelle is not in Pokémon Tower, as you figured, (as she's actually in the library at UKanto Celadon) and /hasn't/ been there, ever... which rather begs the question who /is/ in there, doesn't it?

i know who it is!!! it's the ghost of pokemon tower past/present/future.

oh wait, wrong time of the year.