Pokémon Twilight

07.14: What did you do?

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So, uh, I guess since some people are confused, yes, this is Sae and Naelle, the two girls from the three-member Team Rocket team that's been recurring. I guess their civilian disguises are working? Gavin, the boy, is currently occupied with other business; you'll be seeing him later.

Incidentally, what Naelle is about to tell Sae is not what you're expecting.

Two or three pages left of these guys, I think, and then back to Kaia, Rose and Gina as they arrive in Celadon City...

User Comments

angel naelle is not from above.
did the one with glasses shrink? i remember seeing her being much taller.

Augh, a cliffhanger...! *shakes fist*

Lovely page though. ^^ The Angel Naelle is hilarious because it's so not her! xD