Pokémon Twilight

07.16: Most fun I've had in years

Playing with the tone settings—I think I finally figured out how to get the slightly grainy look that print comics have, although I'm not sure I need to go a little lower or higher on the line setting. What say you, readers?

Also, join the forum!

User Comments

not sure what you mean by 'line settings'.


yay first.

Slightly graining... Oh, you mean screentones? Yeah now it actually does look kinda like screentones... x3

+Joins the forum just for the hell of it+

is your avatar an abra, bandkanon?

Haha... xD No. It's a cat character from my non-pokemon comic.

will this place ever update again?
i feel so lonely. (not really, i just miss the comic)
is something wrong?

I'm dealing with RL stuff right now, and haven't had much time to draw. I'll have more pages relatively soon.

stupid life, sometimes one just wants to strangle it and dig it's heart out, with a SPORK!