Pokémon Twilight

BRB, studying

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So yeah, this is what I've been doing recently. We'll be back soon. (Yay summer!)

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Ah, finals . . .

Such bittersweet memories from when I wasn't such a loser and was going to school . . . Finals week was sure something else.

Good luck!

hope you don't fail.

finals week...

what memories...

good luck on them, and yay for summer! :D

I've read your extras page and...

I do have some suggestions for you. In fact, too many to write down here, seeing as I'm lazy. Now don't get me wrong, this is a kick ass comic, but I wanna help you develop a tad as an artist. So if you have AIM, the address is jessfeldkamp. If not, just email me at newbrunswickcat@comcast.net. Good luck on your finals, and talk to you soon.