Pokémon Twilight

07.26: A long time

HAHA, I DID IT! Updated when I said I would~

I tried something new with this page—I did the lineart in ink with a nib pen and then scanned it and imported it into Manga Studio. I'm actually pretty pleased with the result.

If you recall, Kaia defeated Lance for the first time five years ago on national television—she was twelve and he was seventeen. Naturally, he spent a lot of the next two years following her around trying to get a rematch. Hijinks ensued.

Kaia's tetchiness in the last panel is related to the circumstances under which the two of them last met, which were distinctly less charmingly wacky. You'll hear more about it over the course of this chapter and the next.

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This page looks really good! :D

I'm looking forward to learning more about Kaia and Lance's story.. sounds totally interesting XD

HA! I KNEW IT! he's a fanboy.


that was funny the how are yFINE! thing got me of gard(spelling is my weak-point).

he aint just a fanboy, he wants to b her BOYFRIEND! (im good at reading emotions like dat)