Pokémon Twilight

07.32: Oh, all right

End flashback-thing!

And there's the end of this strange, mystical and mysterious conversation. For now, anyway...

I'm anticipating something between nine and thirteen more pages left in this chapter; it's really speeding along now that I'm, you know, actually working on the comic with some regularity rather than letting it languish. I'll mention in advance that Chapter 8 does have quite a lot of actual pokemon battling (!!)

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EDIT: I forgot to thank everyone reading this because PT just passed 200 fans! Thank you for following along with my crazed doodlings.

User Comments

hey so u drew this?

Awesome... and wow, so few pages left before chapter end? D:

Still, it's great to see this updating so frequently

@MaCe: Guilty as charged!

@BlackCatz: :D, thanks! I'm glad to be updating more frequently, too.

It took me awhile to read all those pages...but it was worth it! Is Kaia skitsofrenia? Or is she just talking to another person thorugh her mind, like telepathy?

@gizumimipichu: Ah, you got it--it was telepathy. It hasn't come up much so far, but Kaia has some (mostly untrained) psychic ability.


Hello? Hi, may i talk to Hillaree? What's that? She's on break? well, just let her know she's not alone.

i prefer frequent updates, if you don't update in a while you won't lose me.


you r very talented