Pokémon Twilight

07.38: Hey! You kids!

Get off my lawn!

Oh, hey, it's a Team Rocket guy.

Fancy that.

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Yay, a pokémon battle!
It's been a while since we've seen any of the girls' pokémon. I wonder which one Rose is going to use?

Gotta love Rose's determination and fearlessness, even if it is a little foolhardy. XD Also gotta love Gina's use of big words, lol! Like Amethyst, I can't wait to see their Pokemon again!

On a semi-random note, I like your new avatar. :-) (At least, I hope it's new, and I'm not just bad at noticing things...)

Sweet... a pokemon battle!

XD Looking forward to seeing what pokemon each will use.. ^^

they will either:
a:fight and lose a pokemon to magikarp,
b:send out a magikarp and IMA FIRIN MA LAZER!

@Krissy: Haha, yeah, that pretty much sums up Rose right there. And thanks, it is a new avatar!
@SilverLunarwing: I know, right? XD