Pokémon Twilight

07.39: Let's do this

Meanwhile, Gina: -_-

39 pages already?!

This chapter is a lot longer than I expected it was going to be x.x Although I don't think it'll end up as long as chapter 6. I'd say it's due to wrap up in about 7-10 pages or so, although I haven't got all of them thumbnailed yet.

The golbat is the zubat Rose caught in Mount Moon in ch. 4, evolved.

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... hmm. Arbok and Golbat... let's see how it goes...

I remember Rose catching that zubat.

Yay, Golbat! 8D *loves the bat family*

Actually, I have a random question. Was Naelle's Bruce the Crobat named after Batman/Bruce Wayne? xD

@Krissy: I love them too! I've had a Crobat every game since gen II. And yes, Bruce is named after Batman :3