Pokémon Twilight

07.44: What cowards do


Uh-oh, looks like there's a little friction in the dream team... what happens next? FIND OUT NEXT TIME.

ALSO: WE'RE BACK! And hopefully back to stay. I'm terribly sorry to have disappeared for so long, especially because I'm looking forward to the next bit of the comic that's coming. Thanks for sticking with me!

User Comments

Oooh, excitement!

This was always one of my favorite parts in the games. <3 This is such a great page, I love the last panel!

Reminds me of Just Gotta.

I know that tone!

Ha ha, love it.

Very nice. Kinda harsh reaction though. Gina has a point. If it were real life, I think I'd go report Team Rocket's presence rather than going down there to take them on myself. Even if it would be epic . . .

Still though, I guess this is just another challenge that Rose doesn't want to back down from. Maybe anyway.

@Mamo: This was always one of my favorite parts, too :D

@Vye: :3 I love me some lightning tone.

Yeah, that's Rose for you—nothing by half-measures. The thing about Rose is that she A) has a huge complex about being The Hero, B) hates "losing," a category in which she includes running away from a just fight, and C) has watched too much television. She's also projecting just a little bit...


i am a hard one to lose so it seems you have to live with at least one fan for the rest of youre life!XD