Pokémon Twilight

07.50: Decided

End of Chapter Seven!

...aaaaaaaand roll episode credits.

That brings Chapter 7 to a close! Thanks for sticking with me, especially when it took a ridiculous long time to complete (AUGH). Anyway, the next chapter begins the second half of the first arc of the story which is where the real fun begins, in my opinion.

Also, I was thinking of Livestreaming some of my comic-drawing in the future, maybe--if I did at a halfways-decent time of day, would you tune in? A lot of other artists do this, and talk about their process and just sort of chat with people watching the channel while they draw, and I thought that sounded like fun.

User Comments

If I am online around the same time, I'd love to sit in on a livestream and see how you do your comics ^^~


Interesting end there... Can't wait for more! :3