Pokémon Twilight

08.00: Chapter 8: Nowhere Fast

Chapter 8!

And here's the start of chapter 8!

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I never really saw them as the Repo type.

Well done

I would have to say that this is one of the best hand-drawn Pokemon webcomics around.
I read through the archive, and I really like it. Well drawn, with a good plot and interesting characters.

Perfect title...

"nowhere fast" is suiting the updates fine...

Yeah, I readily admit I've been a bit flaky with the updates lately; I'm in my third year of university and taking more classes than usual this term, so things have been a bit hectic recently.

If anyone would like to have a better idea of when the next page is coming, I have a twitter account at http://twitter.com/poketwistatus that I update now and again about how things are going.