Pokémon Twilight

08.01: Take care



The reason why updates have been so spotty or, well, nonexistent is because I had finals (eek!) and then I just started a new term and am taking more than the normal load of classes. That and one of them is my senior project for one of my majors which (of course) also involves a metric ton of drawing.

So things might be a little quiet around here sometimes, but I'm still here—just juggling a lot of things. OTL I'll try to update whenever I can, though!

Anyway, the beginning of this chapter takes us on a little visit to the past... expect the next page maybe next weekend?

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Hey there! Wonderful page; Kaia looks a bit tired. Can't wait for the next page to find out more about what's going on!

I hope school ended well for you, too! :)