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July 8th, 2007, 5:07 pm

Vacation - 2 weeks

As I've said in the comments of the latest few pages, I'll be on vacation for the next two weeks. However, we will still have the scheduled updates up on the right days (thank goodness for the SJ update system, yay) along with Sunday bonus art while I'm gone.

Currently, we have 76 pages total uploaded, including 20 that are dated for the future. (Holy cow!) I'm hoping to be able to get waaaaay ahead of schedule so that when I go to school there won't be any interruption of updates, so that's neat. I am halfway through Chapter Four, in case anyone's wondering, and working on scripting for Chapter Five.

Chapter Three should wrap up about the day I return, so I look forward to coming back and being able to reply to comments again and to hear your thoughts on this latest chapter. Thanks so much to everyone who has favorited and commented for PT--it's great to have support.

And I already plugged this in the comments, but I feel the need to do so again: A list of links to hand-drawn Pokémon comics, compiled by Vye Brante of Just Gotta. Because we must share the love and plug the awesome that is other drawn Pokémon comics, since there are far too few of them!